Tailor-Made 3D-Printed Photo Equipment

09.2017 - When it comes to 3D-Printing or Additive Manufacturing, ALPA takes a pioneering role. Together with ETH Zurich, we adapted the technology to our requirements. For several years, we have been producing all of our Lens Shades with Laser Sintering (SLS). Another example for Additive Manufacturing is the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric camera, which we developed together with Jade Hochschule in Oldenburg, Germany.

Customised, economic and accurate

Building the camera by using the traditional method would have been too expensive. Additive Manufacturing made it possible to reduce both price and weight of the camera. At the same time, the add|metric meets all the requirements for photogrammetry. With the add|metric, ALPA has created a technology platform for further developments.

More products to come

Our experience in Additive Manufacturing is part of our contributaion to the "Additive Manufacturing for Products and Applications" conference at the ETH Zurich from September 13 to September 15. Furthermore, we look forward to creating new products by using Additive Manufaturing.

The frame of the ALPA 12 FPS add|metric has been built using Laser Sintering ...

... as well as ALPA Lens Shades.

Jade Hochschule Oldenburg
ALPA 12 FPS addmetric
Availability of ALPA Lens Shades



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