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ALPA is one of the rare manufacturers of cameras in Switzerland and an outstanding manufacturer of high-end imaging instruments in the global market. ALPA cameras are precision tools, made with passion and skilled craftsmanship for a small group of connoisseurs.

Much like musical instruments, these tools require the expertise and the careful eye of a master. ALPA photographers do not require automatic functions or a constant stream of new models. We simply provide the same that all good manufacturers of tools and instruments do – we provide the best possible quality in design, material and an open ear to all the wishes of our customers.

ALPA's clients include world-class photographic artists, magnum professionals, leading advertising, architectural and landscape photographers and photo enthusiasts around the globe. They appreciate the authenticity, reliability, innovation and craftsmanship. ALPA is not only a product but an attitude. An attitude of joy, professionalism and the spirit of discovery.

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  • ALPA 12 PLUS - Positive from every side

    10.2018 - ALPA introduces its newest technical camera: The ALPA 12 PLUS - positive from every side. 

  • More to come!

    10.2018 - Some exciting news will soon be revealed.

  • Salon de la Photo Genève

    10.2018 - Save the Date: For the first time in Geneva, Switzerland 16 and 17 of November organizied by Profot.

  • ALPA Spotlight: Burk Uzzle

    10.2018 - In this section ALPA introduces outstanding photographers in loose succession.

  • WE WON! PLATON wins cinecAward 2018

    10.2018 - The cinecAwards are presented by the Society for CineTechnik Bayern (CTB), and awarded to innovative and trendsetting products and developments of the Motion Picture Technology. The ALPA Platon was awarded in the category Camera Technology.

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