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ALPA is one of the rare manufacturers of cameras in Switzerland and an outstanding manufacturer of high-end imaging instruments in the global market. ALPA cameras are precision tools, made with passion and skilled craftsmanship for a small group of connoisseurs.

Much like musical instruments, these tools require the expertise and the careful eye of a master. ALPA photographers do not require automatic functions or a constant stream of new models. We simply provide the same that all good manufacturers of tools and instruments do – we provide the best possible quality in design, material and an open ear to all the wishes of our customers.

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  • Capturing a Green and Fluid World

    03.2018 - Michel Thibert gives an insight in his ongoing photographic project in the North East of Thailand.

  • "New Silk Road" by Davide Monteleone

    03.2018 - The Belt and Road Initiative bundles traffic between China, Asia, Europe and Africa. Davide Monteleone's photographic series "New Silk Road" looks at the project from various angles.

  • Three Photographic Views of Geneva

    02.2018 - Alain Julliard is one of three French-speaking Swiss artists represented at the exhibition "Ça c' est Genève - This is GVA!".

  • "Duesseldorf" by Marcus Schwier

    02.2018 - A city is a living organism that is subject to continuous change. Often this happens - as with humans - hardly noticeably. And it is only when we meet again at a distance of a few years that differences to earlier age groups become apparent.

  • Bredenfeld's "Formationen" in Vienna

    02.2018 - The artist's picturesque structures of landscapes as well as photographs of rock and ice formations can be seen in Vienna until the end of March.

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