Schurian, Bernhard

Schurian, Bernhard

Bernhard Schurian (1962), born in Rotenburg/Germany works and lives in Berlin. He is active on the field of cultural heritage, macro photography and photogrammetry.

2012-2018 Work at the Natural History Museum, Berlin / Digitisation of the Collection
2008-2009 Work at the Technical University of Berlin
2007-2008 Master Studies with Stephen Shore / BARD College NY, USA
1994-2007 freelance photographer in Berlin
1990-1994 freelance photographer in Barcelona / Spain
1987-1990 Founding and establishment of the agency "argum", München
1984-1986 Photography School München
1973-1982 Primary School and Highschool in Kassel, A-levels
1965-1971 Stay in Cameroon / Africa

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