Schaefer, Eve

Schaefer, Eve

She is a photographer who uses the ALPA SWA and a medium format digital back to create black-and-white prints of landscapes and cityscapes. According to Eve, for her, form always trumps color. To her, color sometimes gets in the way of form and she therefore tries to liberate her mind of color in order to see shapes she might otherwise not notice. Even if her photographs disappoint people who are fans of color, she contends, they might nevertheless capture the attention of those who take an interest in the natural forms and abstractions of form which occur in nature.

Her first serious camera and darkroom date back to 1970. In addition to employing standard printing methods, she explored in depth several highly specialized techniques. Among them, in the tradition of some of the old masters, she used precious metals platinum and palladium. Working with these metals allowed her to manipulate the negative to control the nuances of light and dark in an image. She printed each photograph on archival watercolor paper with exacting quality, thus ensuring its permanence for hundreds of years.

As the photographic technologies changed, she made the transition quite naturally from film to digital media and from a traditional darkroom to a totally digital darkroom. The computer allows her to control the nuances of light and dark in an image through the use of various software techniques. Now she produces archival neutral and toned black-and-white prints on a large-format inkjet printer which rival platinum prints.

She uses her mature, experienced eye to detect the subtle message in a scene rather than the obvious one. Her photographic subject matter of landscapes and cityscapes is contemporary but never trendy. Her prints are never embellished, always real, and therefore believable, and always of the highest archival quality.

She has a graduate degree in engineering, hails from Brooklyn, New York, and has always lived in the New York City metropolitan area.

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