Musi, Pino

Musi, Pino

Pino Musi (1958), born in Salerno, IT, lives and works in Milan and Paris. Works digital (B&W and color).


Pino Musi was born in Salerno 18th March 1958. He lives and works in Milan and Paris.

He has been interested in photography since an early age. By attending those places where avantgarde theatre pièces were put on, he developed a specific interest in black and white counterpoint of lights and deep shadows.

In 1997 he was invited to review and photographically interpret Le Corbusier’s modern architectural masterpiece, the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut at Ronchamp.
In 1997 Musi received a prize for his book “Mario Botta seen by Pino Musi” (published in Stuttgart).
In 1998 Daco Verlag of Stuttgart published “Oxymoron”, which was one of the ten best art books at the 1998 Frankfurt Buchmesse.
In 2003 Musi received the Oscar Goldoni Prize for the best photography book published in Italy between 2002 and 2003 on the occasion of “Modena per la Fotografia” with “Libro”: a wonderful journey into the twists and turns of the written word.
In 2006 he was one of the artists chosen by Achille Bonito Oliva for the “Stazioni dell’Arte” project for the Naples underground.

“In Mollino’s Rooms” is the complex photographic work produced for Paris Photo 2007. Musi investigates Mollino’s house and with his camera unveils the shadows and light via a mysterious relationship with details of fond objects. At the same time Musi digs deep into the folds of Mollino’s Polaroid by highlighting on the originals, the touch-ups Mollino made, thus producing a subtle ambiguous play between painting and photography.

Musi places the accent in these works on a completely innovative printing method, which had been developed by the artist himself. Among his many ongoing projects is a study into the complex rapport between Nature and Science in French Guyana with the European Space Agency programmes.

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