Kerian, Robert

Kerian, Robert

Advertising and editorial photographer ROBERT KERIAN simply known as 'KERIAN' is transcendent within the automotive and motorsport industries. Commissioning photography campaigns for award-winning luxury automobile and sportswear manufacturers and men's lifestyle publications. When not on location for the world's most sought after brands, Kerian resides in his hometown of Los Angeles and shares his home studio with his newly rescued dog named Disco.

SELECT CLIENTS: Ferrari North America, Mercedes USA, Navistar, Maserati, McLaren, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Harley-Davidson, General Motors, Buell, AlpineStar, Proctor & Gamble, Insomniac, Rigards Eyewear, Skechers USA, Automobile Magazine, Car Magazine UK, Car & Driver, MotorTrend, European Car, Top Gear,, Yahoo, Robb Report

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