ALPA 12 FPS Hasselblad V Kit + H6D-100c


PRODUCT AVAILABLE ON REQUEST - Due to contractual restrictions, kits with H6D-100c digital backs cannot be sold through the sales channels China, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

ALPA 12 FPS Hasselblad V Kit + H6D-100c

ALPA allows the use of older Hasselblad V series lenses with a modern digital back.

Older lenses from Hasselblad enjoy uninterrupted popularity among many photographers. On the used market the high-quality glasses of the V series (500 series) are numerous and in demand. Even after discontinuing production, the lenses achieved solid prices there, partly due to the legendary lens reputation by Carl Zeiss optics.

In order to bring the V-lenses together with the versatile camera ALPA 12 FPS and modern backs, we have developed a corresponding set included in our assortment. Compactly housed in a suitcase, it opens up new possibilities for the owners of Hasselblad V lenses.

Thanks to its characteristics, the ALPA 12 FPS is ideally suited for this task: the "vintage" series V glasses are equipped with a mechanical central locking system. This remains permanently open during use. Only the aperture of the lenses is used. The shutter takes the ALPA 12 FPS with its robust and fast slot closure (up to 1/4000 sec.). The CMOS sensors, which are installed in modern digital devices, also allow working with LifeView and allow perfect focusing.

Results of the field test of Zeiss lenses in 2013:

The camera kit Hasselblad V contains everything you need to use the respective lenses with the ALPA 12 FPS:

ALPA 12 FPS Hasselblad V Kit
• Camera module ALPA 12 FPS with two batteries, charger and protective covers
• Handle black for ALPA 12 FPS
• Cable for triggering the digital back
• The necessary adapters for mounting the V-lenses
• Adapter for mounting the H6D-100c, adjusted by ALPA
• Bayonet and tilt/swing adapter, which allows a sharpening extension according to Scheimpflug
• ALPA dovetail adapter for tripod, square and UniQ / C standard
• H6D-100c digital back and external battery pack

With the camera kit for Hasselblad V, ALPA breathes new digital life into valuable lenses. In the future, we will make additional lenses available for use with the ALPA 12 FPS. This sustainability and modularity were the main objectives we pursued with the development of the camera. In the course of the RADO Product Design Awards, the jury emphasized on these characteristics as positive arguments. At the same time, the camera also secures the valuable investment of photographers in older, but high-quality equipment.

Due to contractual restrictions, kits with H6D-100c digital backs cannot be sold through the sales channels China, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Product remarks: ALPA 12 FPS Hasselblad V Kit + H6D-100c, consists of camera body, ALPA Lens Modul and tilt/swing adapters for Hasseslblad V, accessories and digital back Hasselblad H6D-100c - kits with H6D-100c digital back may not be available in all countries.


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