Schneider Apo-Digitar 4.5/90 mm SB34 in Aperture Mount



ALPA / Schneider Apo-Digitar 4.5/90 mm N, SB34

A unique design of the compact and powerful Schneider Apo-Digitar 4.5/90 mm in a new configuration. The new ALPA-version is now available with Schneider Aperture Unit and Rodenstock helical, including dedicated HPF-ring with meter scale. The Short Barrel 34 version can be used with any ALPA 12 camera and digital back with an electronic shutter (100 MP class Phase One IQ3/IQ4 and 150 MP class Phase One IQ4 as well as limited Hasselblad H6D-100c). Together with the ALPA 12 FPS, it can benefit from the built-in focal-plane shutter and can, therefore, be used with almost any digital back.

The symmetrically designed lens allows use from infinity to close range (1:4) with excellent imaging performance and pleasing image rendering. An image circle of 90 mm (nominal) also opens up the application with stitching and tilt/swing.

Product remarks: Schneider Apo-Digitar 4.5/90 mm SB34 in Aperture Mount, including HPF Ring in meters


Item No 160.025.093
... L E N S D A T A ...
Aperture 4.5 f
Image Circle 90 mm
Close Focus 1.20 m
... C O M P A R I S O N ...
Comparable Focal Length @ 33x44 70 mm
Comparable Focal Length @ 40x54 58 mm
Lens Shift X @ 33x44 20 mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 33x44 23 mm +/-
Lens Shift X @ 40x54 13 mm +/-
Lens Shift Y @ 40x54 16 mm +/-
Best f stops digital 8-11
Best f stops film f8 - f22
... S H U T T E R ...
Shutter Type Aperture Unit
... D I M E N S I O N S ...
Width 90 mm
Height 90 mm
Length 50 mm
Weight 300 g


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