ALPA 12 WA rosewood natural




One ALPA 12 model has found special favor with those who want to concentrate on the absolutely essential. It is even used under the hard conditions war reporters often find themselves in. It is the ALPA 12 WA (Wide Angle). Its main qualities include a reduction to what is absolutely necessary, the great sturdiness this requires and optimum handling thanks to the two hand grips. MAGNUM members count among its users and NEWSWEEK titles as its results. The ALPA 12 WA is naturally also capable of full integration in the modular ALPA 12 camera platform. The user is thus able, for example, to return from a project in a tropical rain forest using a rollfilm back and without any need for electric power and can then almost immediately use the same camera with a digital back for a landscape photography commission. A careful combination of equipment will also allow him or her to do all this using exactly the same lenses and many identical accessories. This particularly exemplifies the sense and the purpose of the integrated ALPA 12 platform.

Product remarks: ALPA 12 WA rosewood natural, Wide Angle, without shift, for handheld and tripod use, movements integrated: none; with corresponding adapters tilt or swing movements of up to 5° are possible with lenses in the correct tube; with SB 34 lenses tilts or swings of even up to 10° feasible price with hand grips in rosewood natural.


Item No 010.010.040
... M O V E M E N T S ...
Camera Shift X 0 mm
Camera Shift Y 0 mm
... D I M E N S I O N S ...
Width 180 mm
Height 115 mm
Length 50 mm
Weight 600 g


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