SEAMOTION by Herbert Boettcher in China

09.2019 - From 10 September to 9 October 2019, photographs by Duesseldorf photographer Herbert Boettcher will be on view as part of a group exhibition during the 3rd International Industrial Photography Festival in Liaoning (Beizhen), China.

Boettcher started with his worldwide long time project Seamotion in 2004. He is a German professional photographer working worldwide for shipping companies to create photos of merchant ships with his unique visual language. Boettcher has been working as a graduate designer for more than 20 years and has already received numerous awards for his applied and free photographic work. Participating artists: Götz Diergarten, Victoria Piersig, Sara Jane Boyers, Neo Ntsoma, Daniel Schumann, Joachim Hildebrandt, Herbert Boettcher, Brad Temkin, Michal Cala, Danica Ozvirk Kus, Max de Esteban. The exhibition is curated by Thomas Kellner.

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