Scanderbeg Sauer, campaign for TLD .swiss

10.2015 - Swiss photographer's Scanderbeg Sauer got commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) for the realization of the promotion campaign for the introduction of the new internet domain ".swiss". Scanderbeg Sauer Photography used their ALPA 12 STC, ALPA Apo-Helvetar 5.6/43 mm and their Phase One IQ260 for the photographic part of the realization.

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Scanderbeg Sauer sent us the final photographs, their first-hand report and some making-of images of the campaign:

The Swiss Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM) commissioned us for a series of images supporting the introduction of the new Top Level Domain (TLD) .swiss. The new TLD shall strengthen the image of authentic Swiss companies and cooperations based in Switzerland.

Farner Consuting and the OFCOM have chosen Scanderbeg Sauer for their clear and formal photography with the clear demand that the photographers shall bring in their visual understanding. The photography had to incorporate CGI with the portrayed protagonist leaning against and sitting on a virtual .SWISS logo. As themes were selected: a brewery, a culture and convention center, a coffee roaster, a fine food company and a tourism organization. Here the final photographs.

We spent quite some time on scouting and planning. It was especially difficult to get the desired angle for the Arosa Tourismus image. We had to bring a cherry picker to the top station of an imposing peak, where we enjoyed one of the most beautiful views of Switzerland during our shoot.

Making-of Arosa Making-of Arosa Making-of Arosa

In the first stage, we did the location shot together with a reference object. The next step was to create the .swiss CGI letters on set, render that as a mask and enter it back into our camera software. That allowed us to place apple boxes and placeholders on the set so our protagonists could fit perfectly in the shooting scene. We were able to handle those steps quite quickly, effectively and easily, and the response has been very positive.

Making-of Feldschlösschen Making-of Feldschlösschen

The models on all the photographs are employees up to CEOs of the respective organization and no hired models.

Making-of Luma Beef Making-of Luma Beef

The most important lesson we learned from this production is that it’s a significant advantage to be able to do the CGI integration directly on the set by ourselves. It’s a bit time-consuming, but on the other hand it gives us a great flexibility and freedom to create and react on a specific situation on the set.

More making-of impressions Lucerne:

Making-of Lucerne Making-of Lucerne Making-of Lucerne Making-of Lucerne



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