Rodenstock ALPA HR Alpar 4.0/35 mm

02.2015 - With the advent of the CMOS digital backs like the Phase One IQ150/250, Credo 50 and Hasselblad CFV-50C the need for a small and compact universal wide angle lens revived. Therefore ALPA introduces the Rodenstock ALPA HR Alpar 4.0/35 mm. On a 33x44 mm sensor this focal length is comparable to the popular 28 mm focal length in 24x36 and allows some 8 - 10 mm of shift. With a sensor of 40x54 mm it transforms into a wide 22 mm in 35 mm terms with still a tad of movements. 

Especially with the beautifully soft release of the all new ALPA Sync Release Mk II this makes a great reportage lens on the ALPA 12 TC/STC.

A dedicated lens shade is available seperately. This optimized lens shade is a result of innovative additive manufacturing.

The lens is available with immediate effect.

Product Page: Rodenstock HR Alpar 4.0/35 mm, LB
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