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08.2018 - Since we are always interested to see the work of the ALPA photographers from around the world, the porfolio section on our website is very important to us. Our goal is to showcase outstanding works on our website to give you an impression of what is possible if you work with an ALPA camera setup and of course to provide spotlight for the photographers behind the works. To make sure, the photographers and their work get all the attention they deserve, we decided present selected portfolios and call it «Portfolios of the Week». During this week we will also share the works through our social media channels, giving it the utmost visibility possible..

For this week, we like to present works by Chen, Ronghui, Yang, Qifeng and Man, HonFong. All three are Chinese Photographers with different approaches to photography.

Chen, Ronghui - Petrochemical China

"The Yangtze River delta is both one of the country’s most prosperous regions and home to its largest concentration of petrochemical refineries. Here chemical plants stand mere hundreds of meters away from residential districts — with no obvious barriers between them. 'Cancer villages' are an increasingly common phenomenon, and traditional lifestyles based on farming and fishing are fading away.In the winter of 2013, a panic broke out in my hometown Hangzhou, as residents rushed to buy bottled water after the city river was polluted by the chemical plants situated upstream. In many places, taking photos of industrial waste is forbidden, and it was months before I was able to photograph the plants responsible — and then only from a distance. Over the past few years I have driven 30 thousand kilometers and made countless trips to the scene in order to document the aftermath."

Photographer's page: Chen, Ronghui
Portfolio: Petrochemical China

©Chen, Ronghui

Man, Hon Fong - Architecture

Photographer's page: Man, Hon Fong
Portfolio: Architecture

©Man, Hon Fong

Yang, Qifeng - Landscape of the Northern Xingjiang

"In Feb 2018, I drove more than 2000 km to go shoot in the northen area of the Xinjiang province in China. I captured the landscapes using ALPA cameras and a phaseone IQ3 100MP in extreme cold climate down to minus 30 to 40℃." Yang, Qifeng

Photographer's page: Yang, Qifeng
Portfolio: Landscape of the Northern Xingjiang

©Yang, Qifeng



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