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06.2018 - Since we are always interested to see the work of the ALPA photographers from around the world, the porfolio section on our website is very important to us. Our goal is to showcase outstanding works on our website to give you an impression of what is possible if you work with an ALPA camera setup and of course to provide spotlight for the photographers behind the works. To make sure, the photographers and their work get all the attention they deserve, we decided present selected portfolios and call it «Portfolios of the Week». During this week we will also share the works through our social media channels, giving it the utmost visibility possible..

For this week, we like to present works by Roger Frei, David Breun, Alexander Schippel and Ralph Rosenbauer.

Roger Frei - incompiute

"We are used to passing construction sites, driving past them in queues, living or working next to noisy excavators and cranes. And we are relieved when the gaping wound in the urban structure closes again, the spot becomes passable again and in the best case a good new place is created. It is planned, built, completed. That's the way it is in this country.
But what if such places no longer close? When resources have run out, the concrete mixers are silenced, the workers are withdrawn and only the skeletons remain standing? No breath of new life. For years, forever? What do these damaged places look like after they have come to a standstill? What's left behind?

In Italy there are almost 900 state construction sites that have been closed and never completed ("opere incompiute") because of a lack of funds, unrealistic schedules or arbitrary awards to construction companies - sports facilities, schools, hospitals, theatres, as well as residential and infrastructure buildings, i.e. roads and bridges. If the work is interrupted for a longer period of time, the necessity of ever completing a building may also be missing later.

Since 2011, Italy has had a law requiring the Ministry of Infrastructure to publish an annual list of all unfinished construction projects financed by state funds. In the Lazio region alone, there are over 80 such projects that are still standing idle and whose outcome is still in the stars. The number of burst construction projects is considerably larger than ever before, as they have been launched by private investors and builders.

In his work, Roger Frei uses photographic means to question the character and mood of the locations concerned and unmasks what he finds as a memorial of waste and mismanagement."

Photographer's page: Roger Frei
Portfolio: incompiute

©Roger Frei

Portfolio: aedes

©Roger Frei

David Breun - Landscapes

"Ongoing series about stones and arid landscapes."

Photographer's page: David Breun
Portfolio: Landscapes

©David Breun

Alexander Schippel - Stadschloss Berlin

Photographer's page: Alexander Schippel
Portfolio: Stadtschloss Berlin

©Alexander Schippel

Ralph Rosenbauer - Stadtschloss Berlin

Photographer's page: Ralph Rosenbauer
Portfolio: Stadtschloss Berlin

©Ralph Rosenbauer



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