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04.2018 - ALPA introduces «Portfolios of the Week»

Since we are always interested to see the work of the ALPA photographers from around the world, the porfolio section on our website is very important to us.

Our goal is to showcase outstanding works on our website to give you an impression of what is possible if you work with an ALPA camera setup and of course to provide spotlight for the photographers behind the works. To make sure, the photographers and their work get all the attention they deserve, we decided to upload once a week the best portfolios and call it «Portfolios of the Week». During this week we will also share the work through our social media channels, giving it the utmost visibility possible.

For the first week, we like to present works by Bernhard Schurian, Guy Havell, Klaus Mellenthin and Steffen Schraegle.

Bernhard Schurian - Nachtschwärmer

Schurian portrays the insects as iridescent and glamorous as the “night owls” of the golden twenties, who are still regarded today as a symbol of the extravagant Berlin nightlife. Magnificent and tall, he places them on the black background in the limelight, showing them in frontal or three-quarter profile, as if people were sat opposite him. The iridescent green of the orchid bee would certainly have caused a stir then, as well as the hairy velvet blue of the moth with the Latin name Sataspes tagalica. The different insects stare back at us, a great leap in the proportions of big and small, with which the photographer plays, to point to the importance of insects for the ecological balance of the world.

Photographer's page: Bernhard Schurian
Portfolio: Nachtschwärmer

Guy Havell - Disconnection

"A series of six minimalist documentary style landscape images portraying the vastness and isolation of the inhospitable South Australian desert.
I went into this project with clear intentions about what I wanted to achieve with my images given the vast open plain desert environment I was to be working in. The brief in my mind was to make a series of minimalist simple honest desert scenes which depict the feeling of disconnection and isolation." Guy Havell, 2018

Photographer's page: Guy Havell
Portfolio: Disconnection

Klaus Mellenthin - Down by the Water / Pass-Out Of Existence

Photographer's page: Klaus Mellenthin
Portfolio: Down by the Water

Portfolio: Pass-Out Of Existence

Steffen Schraegle - Architecture / Automotive

Photographer's page: Steffen Schraegle
Portfolio: Architecture

Portfolio: Automotive



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