01.2019 - Today is the opening of Switzerland's biggest photo fair, the "PHOTO19". Since the first edition of photoSCHWEIZ in 2005, the exhibition has developed into by far the largest and most important exhibition of photography in Switzerland in the fourteen years of its existence, and today it is considered to be one of the most renowned and largest photo events in Europe.

January 10 - 14
11am - 8pm
Halle 622 and StageOne in Zurich, CH

Each year, over 250 photographers show their favourite pictures of the past year on around 7,000 square metres in the premises of StageOne and Hall 622 in ZurichOerlikon. In 2018, photoSwitzerland had around 27,000 visitors. The five-day exhibition will be complemented by special exhibitions, off-spaces and the photoFORUM with lectures by photography icons. The makers of photoSCHWEIZ BLOFELD Entertainment are also successfully organising the graphicSCHWEIZ and architekturSCHWEIZ shows, the public science festival Salon Public and the Songbird Festival in Davos.

We are pleased to announce, that several photographers working with ALPA systems are featured in this years exhibition and as Speakers in the photoForum.

Joshua Loher - hybrid series #1

"The special presence of images created with pinhole cameras fascinates me. The blurred and imperfect gives the pictures their own unmistakable expression. Despite their obvious flaws, these pictures show an enormous power.

As an architectural photographer, i was interested in architectural photography. I began to research whether a pinhole camera could be combined with the advantages of a digital view camera. After discussions with the camera manufacturer ALPA, I was able to produce a pinhole lens that corresponded to my ideas. The pictures shown here were taken with the analog-digital-hybrid camera system created especially for this project."

Image © Joshua Loher

Damian Poffet - ASTANA - The new capital

A young republic seeks its identity.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan emerged as an independent republic in 1991. The young state has since become the ninth largest country in the world in terms of surface area - and yet it is still largely unknown.

How does an authority state build a representative city in inhospitable surroundings on almost unrestricted land? The photographer Damian Poffet already pursued this question in his work on the Chinese city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia. Like Ordos, Astana lies in a vast steppe area. In his photographic work, Poffet is interested in the gigantic scale of such planned cities. His pictures confront the ambitious architecture with the rapid wear and tear of rapidly erected buildings under extreme climatic conditions. Or he shows the remains of an old settlement along with new buildings, always striving for an unbiased view.

Image © Damian Poffet


Luca Zanier - Architectural Photography as Art

The Zurich photographer Luca Zanier has been dealing with spaces for years - often large, representative and functional spaces that he shows from a different perspective. Always without people and with a high aesthetic standard. He uses several examples to show how he implements these surprising and sometimes abstract images: from planning to implementation and post-production.

How do you deal with mixed light situations?
What to do about Moirée?
Is there a perfect moment?
How many pictures are needed for perfect photography?
What happens during post-processing?

Luca has suitable and convincing answers to these questions. A presentation for amateurs and professionals.

Image © Luca Zanier


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Joshua Loher
Damian Poffet
Luca Zanier



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