Ordos: Present Day in the City of the Future

01.2018 - With Ordos, Damian Poffet dedicates his latest photographic work to a city that is not yet known in the West. It is located in the autonomous Chinese region of Inner Mongolia and is the setting for an ambitious plan: More than one million people are expected to live in the new district of Kangbashi by 2023. But the buildings that have already been built are still empty. Poffet has captured the present in this place of the future with his camera. From 12 to 18 January 2018, the work can be seen at Switzerland's largest photographic exhibition, Photo 18 in Zurich.

Almost all status symbols of a contemporary metropolis can be viewed over an area of 35 square kilometres: Luxury hotels, modern company headquarters made of glass and steel, housing estates with expensive condominiums, villas, amusement and wedding parks, sports stadiums, huge shopping centres, opulent street lights and countless monuments ", writes Poffet about his work.

"So far, only a fraction of the expected population has moved in. They are trying to keep the buildings affected by the desert climate intact - lonely on the way on huge roads between oppressive buildings. They live in flats in huge buildings that are almost empty. They get lost in sprawling squares, looking for their present in a city built for the future."

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