On the trail of Lenin

09.2017 - Davide Monteleone's chronicle "The April Theses" begins two weeks before the events that changed not only Russia but the whole world. Vladimir Illjitsch Ulyanov, as Lenin was named, left his exile Zurich in March 1917 and mounted the famous train that took him across Germany, Sweden and Finland to St. Petersburg. Seven months later, as a leader of 160 million people, he rose to power through the Bolsheviks' attack.

The ruler at that time, Nikolai II, had been powerless at Lenin's arrival in Russia, as a month ago the army had joined a workers' revolt in the capital. In response to this event, Lenin published a document that entered the history as "The April Theses". In it, the revolutionary leader demanded to overthrow the provisional government and also described the strategy that led to the creation of power.

Davide Monteleone followed the epic journey of Lenin for his work "The April Theses". Some of the images stay close to the historical guidelines, others are reinterpreted. The result is a story that is both real and invented at the same time; A work of landscapes, photographs from archives and portrayed self-portraits, which as a whole, is a journey through time and space.

Forest near Umea, Sweden. © Davide Monteleone

Train Station in Tornio, Finnland. © Davide Monteleone

© Davide Monteleone

© Davide Monteleone

© Davide Monteleone

The April Theses by Davide Monteleone
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