"Nightscapes" Exhibition meets "The blue hour" Book

09.2019 - Luca Campigotto's "Nightscape" Exhibition

From 26 September to 6 January
Museum of San Domenico, Forlì IT

Luca Campigotto about his work:

"I started shooting at night thirty years ago in Venice, where I was born and raised. I wanted to escape the most obvious representation of the place trying to return a theatrical impression, a unique and timeless set design. For about fifteen years I photographed exclusively in black and white, and then began to work in color, especially in New York, my city of the heart. Over the years, I have discovered a priceless feeling of freedom: thanks to the computer, in a short time I can experience every variation of density, color and contrast - a process that stimulates my imagination and desire for discovery, allowing me to visualize things differently. Maybe, a way to lose myself - finally - not so much in the infinite possible outcomes, but in my own fantasies and memories.
My way to understand photography is closely connected to the desire to "evoke" an atmosphere or perhaps an era that allows it to last in time. I try to combine the compositional tension of the shot with the evocative force of a stroke of light. Right from the start, my work focused on two strands: the wild landscape and the night in the metropolis. For this reason Matera and Forlì come together in an extraordinary exception that tells of different eras, which tells the beauty of the never taken for granted. ".

The exhibition is open until 6 January, from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 19:00.

Luca Campigotto's "l'ora blu - The Blue Hour" Book Launch

During twilight there is a special moment that announces the transition from light to darkness: the so-called Blue Hour.

L'heure blue, which is very close to both poetics and photographic techniques, will be the main subject of Luca Campigotto's new book in his new exhibition, published in collaboration with the Fondazione Capri.

Campigotto presents us with a theatrical and cinematographic island. A bridge between the real and the fantastic, a capri between the guard and the dream that allows us to penetrate the fairy tale and the magical.

The Blue Hour, as a synonym for the inner universe, for contemplation: "The vision of architecture that interests and inspires me is the one that is contextualized in expanded visions and landscapes. I analyze space in a scenographic sense," says the author. And he continues: "I also hope that the "Twilight/Night" editing, which has always been my stylistic feature, can produce atmospheric and original visions.

The artist deliberately dispenses with a documentary or realistic vision and builds a space dedicated to fantasy. In this sense, Campigotto creates backdrops for new stories, which he then puts together, transforms the short narrative sequences into a collection of stories and draws attention to the sensitive and interactive element of the vision.


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