New Major Firmware Release 5.00 for ALPA 12 FPS / Silex

08.2018 - The new firmware release 5.00 is a major upgrade and should also be installed by all users of the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex Mk I. It comes preinstalled on ALPA Silex Mk II.

Highlights of the new version of the unified firmware for ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex Mk I and Mk II:

• Support of eShutter e250 and e125 (for ALPA Silex Mk II only).
• A prepared bracketing program can now be switched on and off at any time by pressing and holding the "right arrow" key. This is particularly useful if an LCC image is to be taken before or after bracketing or if the user wishes to switch on his standard program at any time (for ALPA 12 FPS and Silex Mk I and Mk II).
• Simplified operation of the shutter opening/closing by briefly pressing the square button (for ALPA 12 FPS and Silex Mk I and Mk II).
• Easy and practical support of the electronic shutter in Phase One IQ3 100/Trichromatic and later with the "Short Latency" sync program in all shutter modes.

The firmware is of course free as always.

ALPA Firmware 5.00 for ALPA 12 FPS, ALPA Silex Mk I and Mk II

Release Notes Firmware 5.00

Operating IQ3/4 Electronic Shutter with ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex

Upgrade Process

Important: Download the ZIP file and unzip it. Then save the contents (!) of the subdirectory on a USB stick or the supplied USB card - NOT the subdirectory itself. The ".hex" and ".fps" files should be in the root directory. Please make sure that there are no older files on the storage unit.

There are three areas where the FPS and Silex can be updated (always run with the USB card and the new programs and only the newest one):

1. FPS and Silex with the general firmware. This is done by switching off, then pressing k5 and k1.
2. Update or exchange the synchro programs for FPS and Silex via the configuration level. First delete all synchro programs (DELETE ALL), then load the new ones.
3. Update each lens module with electronics (Procedure Update Modules). Silex Mk II itself is also a lens module and must therefore be updated as such.

Please note: The upgrade for lens modules is NOT needed for the ALPA Lens Module CAN and NIK. Only the ALPA Lens Modules for Contax 645, Hasselblad H and Rollei 6000 can get updated as well as ALPA Silex Mk II due to the integrated lens module for eShutter control.

Instruction Manual ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex



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