New dove tail tripod mounts

03.2015 - ALPA introduces optimized tripod mount adapters for dove tail type tripod heads. The adapters are manufactured to the German QPL/C standard and allow the use on the tripod heads of various manufacturers. The sturdy 3/8" connector screw is designed as captive screw and the index pins offer an antirotation protection. Two sizes are available: The small version is optimized for lightweight cameras as the ALPA 12 TC and STC where the larger version is square and can therefore get attached in either direction on the tripod head. 

These mounts are designed for the ALPA 12 TC, STC, MAX, XY and FPS.

The tripod mounts are available with immediate effect.

For more information, see...
ALPA Dove tail tripod mount small, UniQ/C standart
ALPA Dove tail tripod mount square, UniQ/C standart







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