Mouchoir ALPA

07.2015 - The „mouchoir d’instruction“ or instructional handkerchiefs were a quite ingenious idea of the French army of the late 19th century for the military training of their new recruits. The idea was to print a durable tutorial how to clean the shoes, the rifle or apply a bandage correctly, e.g. on a large piece of textile and to be given to the recruits. Even if it got wet, wrinkled or used as a wrap, put in a pocket or stuffed in the rucksack it still did its job.

ALPA took the chance to revive this interesting idea in a more peaceful way. So we created our newest microfibre lens cleaning cloth in the tradition of the „mouchoir d’instruction“. The actual version is showing the comparable focal length between small format (35 mm) and various digital and analog medium format dimensions. Take the small format focal length in the Y axis and look up the intersection with larger format you are interested in. On the X axis you find the corresponding value. It also works the other way round of course.

The „mouchoir d’ALPA“ is delivered as part of each new ALPA lens.

Weblink: Illustration from a French exhibition at the Musée de l'Armée, Paris in 2013




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