Luca Zanier "Power/Macht"

05.2017 - Exhibition at Prince House Gallery, Mannheim

EXHIBITION 4th of MAY - 30th of JUNE 2017
VERNISSAGE 3th of MAI 2017, 6:30PM

Prince House Gallery
Turley-Straße 8
68167 Mannheim

Luca Zaniers (* 1966) photographs are monumental insights into the political and economic control centers of our global world. In his first German solo exhibition, the Prince House Gallery Mannheim will present works by the Swiss photographer from the projects "Corridors of Power" and "Space and Energy".

Architecture and politics are a tension-filled couple. Whether the Acropolis in Athens or the glass dome of the German Bundestag - architecture has always embodied the power structures of the reigning rulers and institutions. It gives a material form to the respective form of government. In his "Corridors of Power" project, Zanier is looking for current spaces of power and their interiors that are often cut off from the public, such as the meeting room of the Communist Party in Paris (2010). The large-format photographs are characterized by a clear, linear image language and create impressive and unique monuments. There are assembly rooms and plenary chambers, committees and parliaments. This also includes courtrooms and libraries, which stand for executive violence and the ruling knowledge.

The photos from the series "Space and Energy" also show places that are hardly accessible to the public or difficult to access. In the true sense of the word "power", these photographs present the places and technologies of today's energy generation which have become self-evident for the lives of many people are. Nuclear power plants, cooling towers or tankers, dams and the main spectrometer of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology give their heart in the futuristic photographs of Zaniers. Zanier has a special sense for these rooms and takes things into the view that they act like through-designed objects of desire.

Luca Zanier (* 1966) is a native Swiss. After his training and work as a photographer, he founded his own studio in Zurich in 1993. Since 2000, his work has been shown at home and abroad at various individual and group exhibitions. Zanier's works have received numerous prizes, including a Honorable Mention in the Santa Fe review in New Mexico (2010) and the Silver Award of the Prix de la Paris in the Fine Arts category (2011). His focus is on Landscapes, Architecture, Corporate, Industrial and Still Life, as well as reports and free artistic works.

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Luca Zanier: Beznau I, Kernkraftwerk Beznau, Kommandoraum 2011 © Luca Zanier

Luca Zanier: Parti Communiste Français PCF, Paris 2010 © Luca Zanier



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