LAND_SCOPE Exhibition in Munich

11.2018 - The Munich Stadtmuseum is presenting a new exhibition called "LAND_SCOPE - Photographic Works from Roni Horn to Thomas Ruff".

Opening 29th of November - 7pm
Exhibition 30th of November - 31th of March 2019

We are pleased to inform you, that Walter Niedermayr and Stephan Schenk, both working with ALPA cameras, will be featured with their work in the exhibition. There are different categories, all covering the topic of landscape in their own way.

From the official exhibition text:

This exhibition is dedicated to landscape photography in contemporary art. The works from the DZ BANK Art Collection offer a broad overview of different themes to show that nature photography is not merely another version of traditional painting but is governed by new representational conventions. The exhibition examines images from the last five decades right up to the digital age to explore the ways in which the specific medium of photography has depicted the world. Photographic landscapes, both analog and digital, often address public debates and political discourses, and this will be a further focus of the exhibition."

Munich Stadtmuseum Website
Walter Niedermayr
Stephan Schenk

© Walter Niedermayr, Alpine Landscapes

© Stephan Schenk, Kreuzweg



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