IQ4 150 - Good to Know

11.2018 - The new IQ4 150 digital back from Phase One is an exciting product. As so often, many ALPA owners will be first movers. Relevant information for users: The Phase One firmware development is ongoing, and the compatibility for ALPA cameras (Flash Sync Mode) is not yet given. Besides, the new digital backs have a new 12-pin multipin connector, which is not directly hardware-compatible with the previous 8-pin connector. Currently, the "Electronic Shutter" is supposed to work. As soon as we have verified the information and have conducted tests, we will inform our customers which are the best upgrade options for sync cables and new ALPA products to be expected.

Brad Kaye from Capture Integration has written a very worth reading article about the first findings of the new Phase One digital back IQ4 150. Have a look!

IQ4-150: The BEST digital back EVER for Technical Camera use - Brad Kaye, Capture Integration

Photograph © Brad Kaye



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