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12.2017 - In the beginning of 2017, Munich-based photographer Philipp Klak approached ALPA with the idea for an upcoming work about the data center of the big companies. ALPA supported the project by providing rental equipment. A few months later, Philipp Klak presented his work in an exhibition in Germany.

In his own words, the artist describes it as "a subjective examination of a place where day-to-day, scientific and economic processes take place. Enclosed in a real place, data centers represent a parallel world with deserted, unreal and virtual spaces. Although the work was developed in various data centers, the unchangingly stereotypical surroundings yielded a very personal perception of an unleashing of time and the world outside."

Exhibition view. © Philipp Klak

According to Philipp Klak, the goal of this work is "to subjectively examine this perception of these inaccessible “dimensionless locations” and their main elements through both picture and sound, and to transport the audience to a new space as a room installation. The work was photographed in several data centers — including various organizations in the telecommunications sector, business, and science. No indications of location or the use of particular hardware have been intentionally given. The idea behind this is to capture the homogeneity and general stereotype of the various data centers in stark contrast to the varied operations."

A behind the scene shows the ALPA 12 STC. © Philipp Klak

Camera system: ALPA 12 STC; Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/50 mm, SB34 and Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/23 mm, LB; Phase One IQ180

Website Philipp Klak
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© Philipp Klak

Check Philipp Klak's website to see the complete series.



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