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10.2017 - In the begining of 2017 Munich-based photographer Philipp Klak approached ALPA with the idea for an upcoming work about the data center of the big companys. A few months later and the project is done. Philipp Klak already showed it in an exhibition in Germany and now we can show the results to you on our website.

A few words about the work by the artist:

"A subjective view of a place where everyday, scientific and economic processes take place. Embedded in a real place, data centers represent a parallel world with human, unreal and virtual spaces.

Although the work in different data centers has emerged, the ever-consistent stereotypical environment resulted in a very personal perception of an unleashing of time and the spatial external world. After entering the artificially created space of the installation, it is no longer possible to see it afterwards.
The homogeneous stereotype that can be found in data centers is achieved by eliminating the real conditions with a black environment. In reality, white, gray and neon tubes usually dominate the room. The really bright neon atmosphere is in the installation as a "negative image" of the reality in the black.
The aim of the thesis is to focus the perception of these inaccessible "non-places" and their main components in a subjective representation, to reflect both visually and audibly and to transport them outwards in a new space.

Exhibition view

The work has been photographed in several data centers, including various companies in the telecommunications, business and science sectors. There are deliberately no conclusions about the locations or the tasks of the respective hardware. The idea behind this is the homogeneity and general stereotypy of the different data centers in the hard contrast of the diverse fields of application."

A behind the scene shows the ALPA 12 STC

Philipp Klak was using an ALPA camera system:

- Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/50 mm, SB34
- Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 5.6/23 mm, LB

Check his website to see the complete series.

Philipp Klak: Homepage
Instagram: philippklak



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