Hotel Cosmos Portfolio

07.2017 - Philipp Rupp of Rupp Stebler recently went on a trip to Moldova and Transnistria. During his stay at the Hotel Cosmos, once the most glamourous place to stay in Chișinău, he was fascinated by the architecture of this place. Mixing old communist elements with modern approaches to architecture, changing the look and feel of the building on every single floor.

He captured his discoveries with the ALPA 12 SWA and a SCHNEIDER / ALPA APO-HELVETAR 5.6/75 MM, SB17 in combination with the LEAF Credo 60 digital back.

We uploaded a portfolio with the images he took while strolling trough the hallways of this historic place.

Portfolio: Hotel Cosmos
Photographer's Page: Rupp Stebler

© Philipp Rupp, 2017



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