Handgrips for ALPA 12 PLUS

09.2019 - Finally! We made it not easy for ourselves with this project. From time to time, you should avoid reinventing the wheel. After dozens of variants and attempts to find a new, optimal grip shape for the ALPA 12 PLUS, we have reconsidered everything and went back to the starting point. Why not take the proven and iconic handgrips of the ALPA 12 SWA and adapt them optimally to the PLUS? In our eyes, the result is not only a joy to look at but also to touch! And it remains the old wisdom that the good doesn't necessarily have to be reinvented, but leaves enough room for reinterpretation and adaptation.

The ergonomic handgrips for the ALPA 12 PLUS are precisely manufactured from rosewood and carefully finished. Each pair of handles is individually milled from a single block of FCE-certified wood and finished and refined by hand. As a completely natural product, each one has its individual and distinctive character.

The new handgrips for the ALPA 12 PLUS are immediately available as a pair or as a right-handed version only. Left-handed users, don't worry! You can, of course, also get a lefty version on request.

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Handgrip pair for ALPA 12 PLUS
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