Gerald Donovan -

01.2015 - Enthusiastic ALPA photographer Gerald Donovan introduced a new website,, showing incredible panoramas from Dubai.

The "gigapixel" images were shot with the FPS and Rodenstock HR90 and Phase One IQ180 / IQ 250.

Check out the incredible details on the panoramas!

You can jump direct to the images made with the ALPA, using the following links:

Burj Khalifa pinnacle!s=1313-burj-khalifa-pinnacle-gigapixel&l=en

The Index Tower!s=1312-the-index-tower-gigapixel&l=en

Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel!s=1263-sheraton-dubai-mall-of-the-emirates-hotel-gigapixel&l=en

Burj Al Arab Helipad!s=1260-burj-al-arab-helipad-gigapixel&l=en

Burj Al Arab pinncacle!s=1328-burj-al-arab-pinnacle-gigapixel-panorama&l=en

Atlantis the Palm Hotel, Jumeirah Bridge Suite Terrace!s=1261-atlantis-the-palm-hotel-palm-jumeirah-bridge-suite-terrace-morning-gigapixel&l=en

Princess Tower pinnacle!s=1326-princess-tower-pinnacle-gigapixel-panorama&l=en

All panorams are roughly 6 gigapixels in size each.



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