Future design. Ratingen West and the new city building

03.2019 - The urban space as an urban space of thought and imagination is examined on the basis of the Ratingen-West construction project. Here, the intensive discussions, the competition and the utopias of the time of origin are placed in a context of parallel and earlier large-scale urban development projects. In the exhibition, assemblies, projects and urban planning concepts document the history and current significance of Ratingen-West by means of planning materials, photographs, models and documents. The visions of the Weimar period as a pole of tension for the present?

Museum Ratingen Bauhaus | Future Design. Ratingen West and the new city building
with architectural photographs by Marcus Schwier
Opening: 12.04.2019 at 19.00
12 April - 6 October 2019
Peter-Brüning-Platz 1
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