First ALPA Class in Italy

04.2017 - As part of the IF/Summer Academy, we arrange the first ALPA Class for photographers. Our three day workshop will take place in Margreid, South Tyrol, Italy from august 23 to august 27. Lecturers and students will less focus on the classic lecture format but on interchange and photography. There is sufficient time and space to work on your own – assisted by experienced lecturers. In the first half of each day you will learn about ALPA equipment. After lunch, you are free to choose other courses.

The Topics

Subject of ALPA Class is internal and external architectural photography expanded with still life photography.

The place

The family wine estate Alois Lageder in Margreid matches both of these topics. It is located at the end of the „Weinstrasse“ in South Tyrol, about 25 Minutes outside the city of Bolzano. Some of the buildings date back to the 13th century. They have been gently renovated, which lends them a unique charm. Our ALPA class is allowed to use the palazzo, the patio and the granary. They are perfect subjects for photographic work. At the same time the wine estate does not only stand for medieval and rural architecture, but also for high quality wine making. Modern industry buildings are a strong contrast to the historic part of the estate and also a great photo opportunity. The landscape is just stunning and provides us with wine and tasty food.

The details

Constant feedback is key to ALPA Class, therefore we have limited the number of participants to eight persons. And we make sure they are in highly professional hands. Principal lecturer will be international photographer Dan Lindberg, who has been working with the ALPA system for many years. Based in Spain, he is dedicated to art and architectural photography. Dan will first show his personal approach tophotography and then assist the participants to find their own. Technical advisor and representative of ALPA is Ralph Rosenbauer. The workshop package includes all about the courses as well as lunch and dinner, while the responsibility for accommodation and arrival/departure lies with the participants. There are hotels and guesthouses around the area. And there is also a detailed plan how to find the location.


In ALPA class, you will work with your own equipment under the guidance of experts and experienced ALPA-Photographers. Besides that, we can arrange ALPA cameras and objectives for loan, cost included in the package. There are also complete kits for newcomers of technical photography. Please just make sure you inform us as soon as possible, if you need any of our equipment. A professional lighting system will be available on site for every participant.

Join ALPA Class

To sign in for ALPA class, please fill out the form on the IF/SummerAcademy website.

More details

The ALPA Class package costs 1896 Euro. Here is a summary of what you get for the money:

• Daily choice of different workshops (ALPA class in English, other workshops may be in German or English)
• Learning from four professional photographers
• Feedback about your pictures
• Portfolio review
• Welcome party (Prosecco, wine and local food)
• Guided Tour through the estate, including wine tasting Lunch and dinner (in the estate)
• Coffee and water (in the workshop)
• Final dinner (three course menu, wine)
• Shuttle bus (between hotel and Lageder estate)
• Loan equipment on demand
• High quality prints of your favourite pictures in large format
• Safe room for your equipment
• Inspiration
• Interaction with other photographers and professionals in the photo scene

© Ralph Rosenbauer

© Heike Rost



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