Fine Art Architectural Photograpy Workshop

08.2020 - The Swiss architectural photographer Michael Haug together with Light&Byte and ALPA, invites you to the "Fine Art Architectural Photography" workshop 2020.


Zurich, 2nd of October 2020 / 9am-5pm

What are the requirements for Fine Art photography?
If you ask a master what it takes to become an artist, you will hear that you have to master the "craft": Patience, practice, a trained eye, visions and ideas are needed. That is all correct. But it also needs the right tools, because you can't create a marble sculpture with a brush. This is a practical course where you leave your equipment at home unless it is a technical camera with a digital back or film cassette! ALPA provides us with equipment, expertise and competent staff for a day. ALPA Capaul & Weber AG is a Swiss manufacturer of outstanding high-end cameras. Their precision tools are made by passionate professionals for photographic aficinados who appreciate authenticity, reliability, innovation and craftsmanship.

Check the LINK for all the information.


Micheal Haug Photography



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