eShutter Availability and Promotion

11.2018 - Once you've worked with an ALPA with lenses in eShutter, you don't want to go back. We are pleased that the delivery of the eShutter has now started and we can now accept orders for lenses in eShutter and conversions in eShutter. Delivery times are currently 3-4 weeks. If you want to be active before the holidays, you should hurry. Lenses in eShutter 250 are already online in the respective product section. Prices for conversions to e250 are CHF 2,715 (Professional price, ex-Works Switzerland).

As a promotion for the eShutter, we can now offer the following promotions (valid for firm orders until the end of 2018):

• Promotion discount for each new lens in eShutter 250: CHF 500 on the Professional price
• Promotion discount for each conversion to eShutter 250: CHF 400 on the Professional price

Please contact your dealer or ALPA directly via

Product Page - prices before promotion discount - Conversion e250



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