08.2017 - A long time in the making.

The project

«dreamscapes» is a project on which Dominic Büttner has worked on and off since 2003. It includes over 150 photographs taken in different Swiss cantons, among them the French-speaking Jura, Vaud, Neuchâtel or Valais, but also Ticino and Swiss-German speaking cantons such as Basel, Graubünden, Uri. He also uses pictures from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan for his project. 
«dreamscapes» is meant as a nocturnal meditation on light. Where does the light come from that shines on this glacier, in this forest, on this river, onto this lonely road? The sky in these photographs is always dark, the snow on a mountain, the leaves on trees or the undulating road through a tunnel are always bright. Yet you never see the source of the light itself, only the way it is reflected by nature, by buildings and roads. It is a surreal, disquieting landscape which serves both as an object and a projection.


The technique
Dominic Büttner takes his «dreamscapes» pictures at night with a Alpa camera, on film. Once he has chosen a motif and installed his camera on a tripod, he triggers an exposure that can last up to 15 minutes while he very slowly retreats from the camera. The pictures he takes are the result of strictly analogue methods. His project is a celebration of slowness.

The equipment

In this image Dominic Büttner shows us what he takes with him on his nightly expeditions. You can spot his ALPA 12 STC, rolls of medium format film, a head light, a disctance meter, a portable generator and his light source, besides the camera the most important part of his equipment. Of course one also need the right gear and sometimes some shelter during those long nights.

The making of

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