Distortion Correction Revisited

04.2019 - In 2009 ALPA has launched his all free distortion correction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop - the ALPA Lens Corrector. It is handling the potential residual distortion of ALPA wide angle and standard lenses for free. The tool is based on photogrammetrical principles and this part got developed together with the Institute of Geologial Science at the University of Bern.

In 2014 we have also published illustrative distortion overlay charts of core ALPA lenses. These charts illustrate the real distortion of ALPA core lenses and the capability of the ALPA Lens Corrector plugin for Photoshop to correct them. In addition a lot of 3rd party lenses are covered too. Some of the lenses start to be covered in Phase One Capture One too.

For downloading the all free ALPA Lens Corrector, please open a user account and you will find the link to the plug-in resources in the member area: Log in

Download ALPA aCam LCF - Lens Correction Profiles
ALPA LC Correction Files

Additional Information
Product Page ALPA Lens Corrector
ALPA Distortion Overlay Chart - Web size
ALPA Distortion Overlay Chart - Full size



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