Buy Your ALPA Camera on Instagram?

04.2017 - On Instagram, we provide our followers with news about ALPA and great pictures from ALPA-photographers, but we will also try to offer specials deals in the future. The first one is just about to come up. As from Sunday, April 23, we will start a promotion on Instagram for used ALPA 12 XY cameras.

A couple of weeks ago, we phased out the 12 XY with a Limited Edition. Because they have been sold out quickly, we decided to offer our display and trade show items as well. Every week, we will put one of the eight cameras on Instagram with a discount of 25 to 40 % on the official price.

We will start the promotion with "newer" Models (Mk 3) and move on with older ones (Mk 1) . All of the cameras are either in good condition with small traces of use or normally used with average traces of use. The prices are Ex Works. They include a new Stitching column and a tripod mounting device. There is a functional guarantee of 3 months.

You will find more details when we put the cameras on Instagram. If you are interested in buying, just be the first to write it down in a comment.

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