06.2020 - It's a rather rare sight to see so many ALPA photographers coming together for one exhibition. They mostly have solo shows where they present their bodies of work. But this time, the focus is slightly shifted and the spotlight is put on the b-sides.

APROPOS - b-sides

Opening night:
SummerSighting 21.06.2020 from 14h, Zeughaus Teufen

The exhibition focuses on the pictures that have been left behind. Pictures that have been created on the side or that have not been selected for orders remain behind, as do pictures of unrealized projects. Too bad to simply forget or even dispose of them.
Here they find their place to emerge from the slipstream of familiar images, to unfold freely, detached from their original context and to expand the spectrum of architectural photography.

Works are shown by the following IG Architekturfotografie photographers:
Georg Aerni, Roland Bernath, Barbara Bühler, Beat Bühler, Carlos Crespo, Roger Frei, Markus Frietsch, Andrea Helbling, Hannes Henz, Ariel Huber, Joshua Loher, Goran Potkonjak, Peter Tillessen, Ruedi Walti, Roman Weyeneth, Jürg Zimmermann, Pierre Kellenberger

For more information and first impressions visit the website of the Zeughaus Teufen

©Ariel Huber



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