AOP Photography Awards

10.2015 - The floating state amidst meter high snow walls which rise from the mist like white canyons makes you forget time and place. Yet at the same time, traces of people are particularly noticeable. They are pushing through from underneath and between the snow masses. It becomes clear how strong and uncompromising nature can be. An egalitarian coexistence of human activities and the natural environment seems impossible, the seasons determine the respective dominance. Nature dominates everything. The series Gotthard is a free long-term project. Since 2010 I take an annual trip to the Gotthard Pass as soon as the winter period is terminated. The resulting documentaries only have location and time in common; the focus is on a different aspect each year, depending on the present situation. The images of this series were shot in 2014. I used a Alpa SWA, a 36mm lens and a digital back.

Photographer's Website: Urs Bigler online
Pictures: Gotthard Series




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