ALPA PLATON in the new "Film and Digital Times"

11.2018 - It is always great to see our cameras appearing in professional publications. It's a great way of feedback to see, that our developments in moving image get recognized besides the big players work in this industry.

This time our ALPA PLATON got featured in the
FDTimes November 2018 issue:

"Evolution does not stand still nor does image size stop with Full Format.

ALPA of Switzerland offers medium-format 4K video recording with a Hasselblad H6D-100c digital back and cine lens front section. The H6D-100c has a 53.4 x 40mm (66.72 Ø) CMOS sensor with 4.6 μm pixels. They call it PLATON. Naming a Swedish camera with a Swiss front after a Greek philosopher is good.

The ALPA H6D-100c system can fill the entire 53.4 x 40mm 100 MP CMOS sensor with 4K video. A 16:9 crop corresponds to approximately 53.4 x 30 mm (61 mm Ø) sensor area. The Hasselblad proprietary RAW format can be converted to Cinema DNG using Phocus software. The camera can also record H. 264. HD. Data can be stored on SD or CFast cards.

Platon is based on the ALPA 12 TC with an ARRI PL or Canon EF mount. Presumably an LPL mount will follow.

Platon is equipped with an ARRI rosette, universal NATO style rail and 15 mm support rods.

If you already own an H6D-100c, the kits will be available stand-alone. Also, an external power supply will be offered to increase runtime on location."

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