AEON at COALMINE in Winterthur, CH

10.2019 - AEON

Photography by Marcel Rickli
An exhibition at COALMINE, Winterthur, curated by Sascha Renner
18 October 2019 to 9 April 2020

Opening: Thursday, 17 October 2019, from 6.30pm
7pm Introduction with Marcel Rickli and curator Sascha Renner

Störzone, 2019. From the series: «Aeon» © Marcel RIckli

Press Release COALMINE:
How can future generations be protected from highly radioactive waste, such as that found in our
nuclear power plants as well as in medicine, research and industry?
This is still a danger to thousands of lives. Not only technical measures for safe repositories are needed, but also communicative solutions: Future civilizations so distant that they elude our imagination must be warned of the threat posed by these places. In this context, fundamental
Anthropological questions - about the role of language and culture in the transmission of information over extremely long periods of time, but also about the almost uncontrollable human risk factor. The Swiss photographer and artist Marcel Rickli (*1986)
reflects these pressing questions in the form of a visual research project in the field of tension between documentary photography and art. His most recent work, presented for the first time contrasts the symbolic nature of atomic semiotics with the factual nature of repositories, as they are can be planned and built today.

Strahlenkatze I, 2019. From the series: «Aeon» © Marcel Rickli


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