Zielske H. & D.

Zielske H. & D.

Horst Zielske born 1946 in Burg auf Fehmarn and Daniel Zielske born 1972 in Göttingen.

The father-and-son team work together in the area of applied photography and have published more than 25 books. Since 1999, they have been occupied mainly with photographic art, creating several larger series of works on the topics of Megalopolis Shanghai, Modern Turner, New York City, London, Berlin and Deutschland Sinfonie, among others.

Publications (Selection):
- Megalopolis Shanghai Exhibition catalogue (2006, Edition Braus, Heidelberg)
- Berlin (2009, Kunth Verlag, München)
- Shanghai 2, (2009, Kunth Verlag, München)
- New York City (2012, Kunth Verlag, München)
- London (2014, Kunth Verlag, München)
- Deutschland Sinfonie (2015, Kunth Verlag, München)

Exhibitions (Selection):
- 2006 Single exhibition Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, Megalopolis Shanghai
- 2007 Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, NM, USA, Megalopolis Shanghai
- 2008 von Lintel Gallery, New York, USA, Megalopolis Shanghai
- 2008 Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL, USA, It´s Not Easy Being Green (Group exhibition)
- 2009 Deutsche Bank, Köln, Megalopolis Shanghai

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