Womb, Tomas

Womb, Tomas

Born: 1967 in Rome

A work that draws from a personal narration, which gradually develops into a search leading from the particular to the general. Each of his projects is built on a shared idea, which is not tied to technical correctness or aesthetic pleasure, but to a generating principle – the archetype from which everything is born. Tomas Womb’s work is essentially devoted to the concept of origin, which is intended both as a chronological beginning and as an ontological foundation. Each image participates in the construction of a visual narration, where the multiplicity stands in a dialectic and complementary relationship with the parts. In his work, the opposites merge into a new unity.

The heart of the work is torn between things that are similar, and things that are conflicting: it’s an ceaseless and passionate movement that generates surprising entropic transformations. The conflict between the single and the universe, between past and present, between what is confined and what is infinite is redefined inside a fundamental geometry in order to achieve a more reassuring order. Photography becomes then the ideal medium to establish indelible bonds among things that are remote in time and space, like floating in a suspended dimension. Photography creates an original and more merciful spatial-temporal condition where to find the whole again, and a future that can be finally considered as a possible time horizon. His work is illusory and formal at the same time, like a walk through a dubious land where answers are not sought after, but where his work accompanies the viewer into accomplishing a choice.

Portfolio: Around Volcanos
Website: Tomas Womb Official
Instagram: tomaswomb


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