Sui, Taca

Sui, Taca

Born and raised in Tsingtao,China, Sui Taca is a fine art photographer currently based in New York City and Beijing.

Website: Taca Sui online
Email: Taca Sui by mail


2011 - Chambers Fine Art, Beijing
2011 - The Silent Dialog, Babu Spaces, Beijing
2011 - Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition, Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing
2011 - Multi-Dimensional View II - Chengdu Contemporary Photography Exhibition, Chengdu, China
2011 - Hey, Hot Shot!, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY
2010 - ODE - Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Lianzhou, China
2010 - ODE - DaLi International Photography Festival, Dali, China
2010 - Xiaobing Xu National Photography Contest, Tongxiang, China
2010 - Dissimilarity Landscape - INTER Art Center, Beijing, China
2009 - Red Dot Show - ASL Gallery, NYC, United States
2007 - Intimate Distance - Qart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, United States


2010 - Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Photographer of the Year Award
2010 - Hey Hot Shot Award


2008 Art Students League of New York
2007 Rochester Institute of Technology
2003 CAFA - China Central Academy of Fine Arts


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