Rosenbauer, Ralph

Rosenbauer, Ralph

Born and raised in Franconia. Studied Classical Archeology, Ancient History and Prehistoric Archeology in Erlangen and Berlin.

Already whilst studying, but especially during the subsequent assistance at the University of Bern, participation in numerous archaeological field projects and excavations in Italy, Greece, Macedonia and Israel, but especially in Turkey and Egypt.

Since 2013, he has been working for ALPA, looking after both consulting and sales as well as design and development. This combination allows him to optimally incorporate the needs and wishes of our customers into the design of new products.

In his private life he mainly deals with portraiture, wildlife and reportage, but also likes to overcome the "limits" of the individual disciplines and connect their individual elements.

The portfolios presented here by Ralph Rosenbauer are the results of extensive practical tests for various (development) projects. His personal familiarity with the use of ALPA systems in practice forms the basis of his work.

E-Mail: Ralph Rosenbauer


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