Revazov, Arsen

Revazov, Arsen

Arsen Revazov (1966, Moscow) – writer, art-photographer, web-based technology spcialist. Revazov has been engaged with the art-photography for 40 years already, during the past few years he has been shooting mainly in infrared light and so-called “large-format” cameras, sometimes he produces platinum prints. An artistic task is to show a world, that a naked human eye is unable to see, specifically to ease the audience’s access to a different, “parallel” reality.
In 2005 Revazov wrote a romance “Odinochestvo-12” (Solitude-12), that was published by “Ad Marginem Publishers”. By now this romance has been translated to six foreign languages. Starting from 2008, Arsen’s short stories are being published in various literature journals like “BG” and “Kommersant”.

Personal exhibitions:
2010 – “Non-Apparent World” within the framework of a photo biennale. Triumph Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
2010 – “Non-Apparent World”. The PhotoCenter Exhibition Hall. Moscow, Russia.
2010 – “Non-Apparent World”. Meglinskaya Gallery, Contemporary Art Center Winzavod. Moscow, Russia.
2011 – “Uncrumpled Sheets of Venice” (within the framework of the Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art)
2012 – “One by Two” (1:2). Triumph Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
2013 – “Because the World Is Round”. Gallery of Classical Photography. Moscow, Russia.
2015 – “Italy From the Fourth Dimension”. Ar33studio, Venice, Italy.
2015 – “4D”. Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia (within the framework of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art).

Arsen Revazov lives and works in Venice and Moscow.

Website: Arsen Revazov online
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