Lindberg, Dan

Lindberg, Dan

Dan Lindberg (1967) is Swedish born and brought up in south of Spain. University studies in Madrid, London, Heidelberg & Tampa.

Fulltime professional photographer since 1992, with landscape, architectural and conceptual photography as main fields. Around 60 nature parks has been visited in Spain and well over a thousand architectural assignments done.

Running a gallery with his own art exclusively and targeting both interior decorators and private clients alike. All art produced with Alpa and printing is produced inhouse.

Dan is autodidact and learned the fundamentals of photography in the early teens by using a Linhof SuperTechnika 4x5. Being Swedish it was only natural to have a long period with a classical Hasselblad 6x6 setup. Composing and ‘seeing’ square for a full decade also helped compositional skills and finding balance and harmony in a variety of formats. Today, with the exclusive use of the Alpa system, Dan freely moves between 4:3, 1:1 and 2:1 format.

Apart from running the gallery and producing new art, frequent architectural assignments continous and Dan also gives technical camera workshops on a regular basis.



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