Kuyas, Ferit

Kuyas, Ferit

Ferit Kuyas (1955) was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied architecture and law in Zurich, Switzerland and graduated 1982 in jurisprudence from the University of Zurich. Since then he became a self-taught photographer. Working mainly on personal projects in the eighties, he switched to being a professional photographer in the year 1991. His main subjects are fine arts, architecture, interiors, advertisement and editorial. Besides that he teaches photography. His most recent project is a book with cityscapes from Chongqing, China.

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Selected exhibitions, publications and awards

1991, Villa am Aabach, Uster, Switzerland
1993, Photogalerie Bild, Aarau, Switzerland
1994, Kulturzentrum Ziegelhütte, Appenzell, Switzerland
1994, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland
(group show)
1995, Metron, Brugg, Switzerland
1996, steigerpartner, Zurich
1998, Villa am Aabach, Uster, Switzerland (with Jakob Tuggener)
1999, Ferit Kuyas: Industrial Interiors – Book publication
1999, Kodak Fotobuchpreis (Photobook-Award, Kodak Germany) for the book Industrial Interiors Nikon Image House,
Küsnacht, Switzerland
1999, Vebikus, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
2000, Shanghai – Book publication with Edy Brunner
and Marco Paoluzzo
2000, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China (with Edy Brunner and Marco Paoluzzo)
2000, Swiss Camera Museum, Vevey, Switzerland (with Edy Brunner and Marco Paoluzzo)
2000, Galérie Périscope, Liège, Belgium
2001, American Photography 17 (joint catalog)
2001, Leica Gallery, Nidau, Switzerland
2001, Walter Storms Galerie, Munich, Germany
2002, Hasselblad Masters Award & Calendar
2002, American Photography 18 (joint catalog)
2004, IG Halle, Rapperswil, Switzerland
2004, Fondation Herzog, Basel, Switzerland
2004, American Photography 20 (joint catalog)
2005, The Selection vfg 2004, Zurich, Switzerland (group show with joint catalog)
2006, The Selection vfg 2005, Zurich, Switzerland (group show with joint catalog)