Korte, Michael

Korte, Michael

Michael Korte grew up in Worpswede. After a classic photography apprenticeship, which Korte completes as national winner, he is trained as a restorer and screenprinter. The subsequent return to photography starts for Korte with a multi-year assistant for various photographers in London and New York.

From 1983 Michael Korte lives and works as freelance photographer in Hamburg.

During this time he travels worldwide for three years for GEO season magazine with a focus on adventure stories, in which he completes trainings as a pilot and diver as well.

In the early 80s he is one of the first photographers who intensively, both technically and artistically, deals with digital media. Five years in New York as a commercial photographer follow and the fascination for the digital media and digital manipulation possibilities is growing.

In 1998, 3D visualization is added to the spectrum. Korte puts his main focus on the area of CG imaging: 3D visualizations in connection with photography.

From 2013, Korte turns back to classical photography with a focus on people. A series of portraits in which he casts and photographs 50-year-old people on the street is shown in the exhibition HALBZEIT as public art for eight months in Hamburg. www.hamburg-halbzeit.de

2014 he travels for 10 months with a Cargobike along the borders of Germany to make portraits and interviews of people he encounters on this trip. To be seen on www.deutschlanderfahren.de

2015 he interrupts this journey in order to implement his 'Line of Sight' project for the hotel Bergmann Bordinghouse Osnabrück. www.line-of-sight.de

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