Kew, Jeff

Kew, Jeff

Once Jeff Kew realized that those undeveloped exposed 4x5 negs weren't going to develop themselves – he knew it was time to give up shooting film. The rolls of unprocessed 120 and 135 BW film were piling up too. It wasn't the passion for black and white photography that was lost, but the desire to develop and scan was.

Eventually an opportunity to buy into a Phase One Achromatic unit presented itself. Jeff started with an older technical camera frame and 35mm XL, but then shortly after paired that with an ALPA 12 MAX and a 47mm and 70mm pair of lenses.

Jeff's current project is document Trout Lake in John Hendry Park in Vancouver, BC. Canada. The infinite amount of detail found in the trees and bushes around the lake has captured his attention and will likely hold onto it for quite some time.

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